philip_a_kevin.jpgDuring the poetry filming, Kevin and Alice were observing from a distance. Some time later, Philip and Kevin began a conversation on Kevin's concepts of FLOW and FRAME as ways of understanding, seeing, filming and experience. Click here to see find Kevin's very visual 'river(of)words' exploring Heraclitus's saying 'You cannot put your foot into the same river twice'...
critical responses

... to which Philip responded in the form of a poem:
poetry-film-critical PG Heraclitus

The conversation went on by e-mails and, increasingly and in a rather aesthetically pleasing way, by means of Track Changes.[I think this can only be viewed as a Word file, sorry.]

One more thought, a meta-thought, came in the form of a poem by Philip for Kevin.
[Am I allowed to say that it was for your birthday, Kevin? Erase this quickly if not!]
This is another poem that needs to be viewed in Word, I'm afraid. (Is that an interesting observation: a lot of the poems here, Kevin's and mine, needs to be viewed with with their spacing and visual treatment? I'd say (discuss) that it's about preserving how they flow.