Colloquium - Saturday 3 March 2012, The ATRiuM, Cardiff

In-and-Between held a colloquium at the ATRiuM, Cardiff, on Saturday, March 3. During the morning session, a select group of 'critical friends' were invited to preview the two site-specific artworks. We then held a roundtable discussion in the afternoon to reflect on the work, the process of collaboration, and how the project could develop in the future.

List of critical friends:

  • Charlotte Crofts - Senior Lecturer in Film Studies and Video Production at the University of the West of England
  • Glenn Davidson - Fine Artist and Founder of Artstation
  • Lyndon Davies - Poet, Reviewer, Essayist
  • Penny Hallas - Artist and Art Therapist
  • Heike Roms - Senior Lecturer in Performance Studies at Aberystwyth University
  • Bambo Soyinka - Artistic Director and Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England.
  • Richard Staniforth - Producer and Owner of Ateb Media Solutions

Conference - Wednesday 12 Semptember 2012, The ATRiuM, Cardiff

The second public event from the In-and-Between project was held at the ATRiuM, Cardiff, on September 12. Professor John Schad (Lancaster University) gave a keynote lecture, followed by a showcase of the two artworks produced by the In and Between team: a web-based poetry film by Philip Gross and Wyn Mason; and a filmed performance and installation by Jodie Allinson and Inga Burrows. Alice Entwistle, Kevin Mills and Stephen Lacey also offered their creative-critical responses to the artworks.

The afternoon session involved panel discussions on creative collaboration and critical/creative dialogue involving scholars and arts practitioners.

John Schadd, Stephen Lacey and Kevin Mills .....................................Des Barry, Penny Hallas, Philip Gross, Lyn Davies, Jodie Allinson